Wednesday, 19 January 2011

In Dino Veritas

A recent hard drive crash has meant the temporary loss - amongst other things - of a cache of photographs and documents I intended to publish here. They await some sort of replevin - when I have sufficient funds.

Before I suffered any further losses, I thought I had better publish copies of these images - for sale, recently, at a notable on-line auction house - without further ado.

It doesn't surprise me that the paths of Duke Ellington and Dean Martin (however mazy the latter) should have crossed at some point.  Here is the evidence in this merry gathering. I have no details of the occasion, nor indeed the identities of the other parties. I treasure the association, however.


  1. Some guesses, left to right: comedian-impersonator Frank Gorshin, the Andrews Sisters some years on, comic actor Tim Something (Conway?), maybe a young Lainie Kazan. Or not.

  2. Thanks ed, as ever, for your comment. Duke Ellington and the Andrews Sisters? This is getting surreal!

  3. Ed is correct. Frank Gorshin, from the Batman TV show, The Andrew Sisters, Duke, Tim Conway (comedian), Dean, and Lainie Kazan (singer-she had some albums out on MGM, before her movie roles)
    September 29, 1966

    --Dean Martin - "My Heart Cries for You"
    --Duke Ellington (with band) - "Do Nothing till You Hear from Me," "Don't Get Around Much Anymore," "Mood Indigo," "Caravan" and "Satin Doll"
    --The Andrews Sisters - "What Now, My Love?" and "That's How Young I Feel"
    --The Andrews Sisters and Dean Martin - medley of Andrew Sisters songs: "Manana," "Rum and Coca Cola" and "South America, Take It Away"
    --Lainie Kazan - "Porgy, I Is Your Woman" and "I Loves You, Porgy"
    --Frank Gorshin (with dancers) - "The Riddler"

    Also appearing:
    --Tim Conway

    from Dale