Tuesday, 18 December 2012

For the record...

Here are details of a 'one of a kind' Ellington recording which came up for auction at a certain internet clearing house recently.

The vendor claims the disc in question is an off air recording of the Famous Orchestra during its first stint at The Cotton Club (it was the 85th anniversary of Ellington's opening at the club a couple of weeks ago).

The full description runs:

A truly remarkable two sided LIVE recording of DUKE ELLINGTON & HIS ORCHESTRA from the COTTON CLUB in New York!. 

This one of a kind disc was found in the collection of musician/collector DICK FURGESSON...it is on a metal "UNIVERSAL BLANK RECORDING DISC........Likely at the Cotton Club in Harlem shortly before it moved to Mid-Town in the mid-1930's..one of the tunes identified is DUCKY WUCKY which is from 1932.introduced as an arrangement you haven't heard. 

.....the sections of the disc I played  play pretty well on my rig but requires a bit of extra weight..there is distortion in some sections and very clear in others..some one putting some time into play this will likely get  better results than me ....the sleeve also identifies I'VE GOT TO BE A RUG CUTTER " fine trumpet & Hodges sop"...side B says "Azure"..this one is sold AS IS!

Whilst it is often difficult to establish provenance, the auction was contested hotly, and the disc sold for the not inconsiderable sum of $385 dollars (about £285)! One for the record books?

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