Monday, 15 April 2013

Duke Ellington Opens Up The Cave Again...

To be released on CD June 18, 2013: Duke Ellington Live At The Cave

Back in the day, the recordings which comprised this release were released on two green vinyl bootleg LPs with the title Duke Ellington Opens Up The Cave. The sound quality was execrable. This new release is on the 'Squatty Roo' label. Given the date on which these recordings were made, they are certainly not yet out of copyright. Will this be a legitimate release, then? And will the sound quality, therefore, be improved? Time will tell.

The product description on Amazon reads:

Back in 1970, Duke Ellington was at the threshold of a new sound. Yet again like so many times before, he was to take in his surroundings, musically and otherwise, and bring forth a new style for his musical instrument, his Famous Orchestra. Billy Strayhorn, his writing and arranging companion was now dead, and the bulk of the writing was once again falling on Ellington's shoulders. Hammond Organ pioneer Wild Bill Davis took up some of the slack, as he became Duke's assistant arranger, but Ellington seems to know at this point, that pushing his own limits was needed. This outing documents the final days of star saxophonist Johnny Hodges. The setting is the Cave Theatre Restaurant in Vancouver, B.C. in Canada, and the feeling is warm and intimate, but there is a decided edge to the feel of the music. The exotic power of drummer Rufus Jones is making a mark, and Ellington is about to bring us on his final journey through 'The Jungle' once again.

The title may be pre-ordered here.

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