Sunday, 14 April 2013

Esquire Jazz Concert 1946

The Curse of the Completist strikes again! I bought the LP Hooray for Esquire Jazz Concert this morning from a certain Internet auction house. Most Ellington collectors will be aware of the Esquire Jazz Concert in which Ellington participated in 1945 with, amongst others, Louis Armstrong. Existence of the 1946 concert was news to me. The concert was broadcast from The Ritz Theatre, New York City on Wednesday, 16 January.

From the ever reliable Ellingtonia, the details are:

Shelton Hemphill, Taft Jordan, Cat Anderson, Francis Williams, Bernard Flood(t); Lawrence Brown, Wilbur De Paris, Claude Jones(tb); Jimmy
Hamilton(cl,ts); Otto Hardwicke(cl,as); Johnny Hodges(as); Al Sears(ts); Harry Carney(cl,as,bar); Duke Ellington(p); Fred Guy(g);
Oscar Pettiford(sb); Sonny Greer(d,ch)


Take The "A" Train (theme)

Take The "A" Train
Sdi 125

Honeysuckle Rose
Sdi 125

Sdi 125

Esquire Swank
VD 617, Sdi 125

Add Francis Wayne(v)


I'm Checking Out Goombye - vFWa
Sdi 125
You can see an advertisement for the concert in Google Books here.

And here is the complete concert.

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