Sunday, 28 April 2013

Kinda Dukish

On the eve of Duke Ellington's 114th birthday, a heads up to Ehsan Koshbakht's fascinating blog, Take The A Train

Ehsan is a film historian, jazz scholar and architect from north eastern Iran. He has been a great supporter of my blog here, through all its various and frustrating permutations of name and domain address (I recently moved the blog back to its original address, - sorry Ehsan!).

Ehsan blogs on a wide range of subjects connected to jazz and film. Now, however, he has tabulated all the posts relevant to Duke. Click on the tab at the top of his blog, Kinda Dukish. I've put the link at the top of my blog here also. There is a rich archive of material to enjoy and, of course, it is always well worth dropping by Take The A Train itself.

As Duke would say: Thank you for Ehsan Koshbakht!

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