Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Serenade to Switzerland

Those of us cursed with the incurable condition known as Completism Ellingtonia can never be satisfied. Combing through the listings of a certain Internet auction house frequently turns up some new and hitherto undiscovered gem. This evening for example, I chanced upon this two disc set of transcriptions from a concert in Geneva, 1969. The discs were pressed privately which may explain the vendor's 'buy it now' price of $99.00. Plus shipping. Should you be interested, the details are here.

Courtesy of the old Cathode You Tube, I found a short clip, filmed by Roland Hippenmeyer that may well be from this engagement. The You tuber gives the date of 15 November 1969 from Victoria Hall, Genève. The date and location do not agree with anything I can find in the on-line discographies but this is par for the course: a discographical Gordian Knot which must be untied by other, more expert hands, I'm afraid.

The clip is without sound or, rather, music has been dubbed over it. Enjoyable nonetheless. It will have to do until a rather cheaper privately pressed two CD set comes along...

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