Sunday, 15 September 2013

There's Snow Business...

A post script to yesterday's Ben Webster video.

In the course of researching, I discovered that Storyville Records are releasing a new CD of Ben Webster in Norway. The disc is available for purchase here. A cheaper - and more immediate - purchase is the download for those inclined.

In the absence of a bound set of 78s, I bought the next best thing and ordered the disc yesterday. Whilst it is not released until 14 October, I was able to listen to the music courtesy of Amazon's new 'Auto Rip' facility so the music is already ensconced on my iPod. It will certainly do until the real ting comes along.

The photograph of Ben in Norway at the top of this post, incidentally, comes from Storyville's Twitter account which I also discovered yesterday. The 'Tweets' may be accessed here.

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