Thursday, 10 July 2014

La Bellissima Africaine

Rarest of the rare, a track from this CD (of Italian origin?)has been posted for us to hear by a generous YouTuber(?)

More details about this release may be read on Page 5 here.


  1. Hi! Congratulations for your fantastic blog! I really enjoy it. Thank you for divulgate the Duke's legacy... Your work is precious for me!
    I've got this CD! It's from an unknown little italian label. Just I'll have free time, I'll upload it on my YouTube channel... Stay tuned!
    Greetings from Italy

  2. Many thanks for your kind comments. I look forward to the album being posted and, of course, I will post about it here.

  3. HI! Finally full album is available to all on YouTube! I uploaded it on two parts.
    First video incluldes solo piano pieces played by Duke in Dusseldorf (Germany) in July 9-10, 1970.
    Second video is a medley played by the orchestra in Oostende (Belgium) in August 1, 1970. CD info indicates as vocalists Tony Watkins and Devonne Gardner, but actually I don't think Watkins sings here. Have you ideas who could be the singer?

    Full details on videos info.


  4. P.S.: I can send you scans of CD covers... Let me know how can I send you them.