Sunday, 7 September 2014


Maison du Duke, the Ellington study group which headquarters in Paris, have just released a CD of hitherto unreleased performances by Duke Ellington and his Orchestra themed around les girls!

The disc comprises a medley with Ella Fitzgerald in 1959, the first performance of The Girls' Suite, the studio recording of which is rare enough, a couple of numbers where the orchestra accompanies Dinah Washington, from 1961, Jam With Sam from 1963 and a performance of Toot Suite from 1959.

This is the fourth CD of material issued by Maison du Duke, all from the Clavié collection, purchased by the organisation. It is available exclusively as a free gift for 'adhérents', those who sign up for membership for twelve months. Full details here. Add 5 euros in the 'make a donation' box to receive the CD. I renewed membership Sunday last and the CD was with me by Tuesday.

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