Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Long Time

It was reported last October on the LondonJazzNewsBlog that  Pete Long's Echoes of Ellington band was back in the recording studio after a 'significant lull'.

And here is a promotional video of the band in the Angel Recording Studios at work on their new album The Tattooed Bride.


Here are the full details of the new album, copied from Pete's website. The album may be ordered here.

Echoes Of Ellington
The big band returns with new Ellington compositions

Price : UK and Europe. £12.00 (inc p+p)

1. The Tattooed Bride 10:58 By Duke Ellington & Billy Strayhorn.
Transcribed by Alan Prosser. Solos- James Pearson, Peter Long, Callum Au
2. Things Ain't What They Used To Be 02:48 By Mercer Ellington.
Transcribed By David Berger, Alto Sax Solo by Colin Skinner
3. Air Conditioned Jungle 04:39 By Jimmy Hamilton and Duke Ellington.
Transcribed by Peter Long. Solos by Laurence Ungless and Peter Long
4. Sepia Panorama 04:11 By Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn.
Copied from the original score. Solos by Laurence Ungless, James Pearson, Callum Au, Rico Tomasso, Alex Garnett and Chris Traves
5. Just Squeeze Me 04:58 By Duke Ellington.
Transcribed by Ken Rattenbury and Peter Long. Solos by Georgina Jackson, Rico Tomasso and Jay Craig
6. Heaven 03:01 By Duke Ellington.
Adapted from the original score by Peter Long. Alto Sax solo by Colin Skinner
Waiting For Some Trumpets 08:12 Head Arrangement.
Solos by James Pearson, Alex Garnett, Peter Long and Nathan Bray
7. Tootin' Through The Roof 03:24 By Duke Ellington.
Transcribed By Alan Prosser. Solos by James Pearson, Jay Craig, Mike Lovatt, Peter Ripper, Andy Flaxman, Peter Long, Nathan Bray and Louis Dowdeswell

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