Saturday, 13 June 2015

Reminiscing in Video

A very good friend of this blog maintains a Youtube channel under the nom de plume Reminiscing In Tempo (home page pictured above).

He's an Ellington collect who certainly knows his stuff. For example, two audio tracks have been published recently by Billie Holiday with Duke Ellington which are as rare as hens' teeth - available only second hand and extremely expensively as Bille Holiday Volume 14 on the Masters of Jazz imprimatur. The tracks are (click the hyperlink to listen to them), Lover Man and I Cover The Waterfront.

And best of all, recently, a video which is new to me: Ellington in Sweden, 1963 with Alice Babs. here it is in all its monochrome glory...

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  1. Thank you for your post, my friend! My goal is to divulge the Duke Ellington's music providing videos or recordings not available on the web.
    Thank you for your job on this great blog!
    I hope to upload the 1955 Carnegie Hall concert with The Symphony Of The Air as soon as possible, because that recording was never issued in digital format. But I need to convert my original LP in digital format.
    Stay Tuned!