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Returns An Echo...

Published on 3 Jun 2015
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On Saturday 18 April 2015, Pete Long and his Echoes of Ellington Orchestra gave Taunton another night to remember. Paying homage to one of the biggest names in Jazz, Pete Long and friends delivered nearly 2 hours of Duke Ellington’s best compositions and arrangements with a display of flair and virtuosity of the highest order. A hand-picked ensemble comprising of some of the UK’s finest session musicians had gathered from all corners of the UK to deliver an unforgettable evening. With individual excellence in abundance from every member of the band, many memorable highlights came from the world class trumpet section which featured Ryan Quigley, Nathan Bray, Rico Tomasso and Louis Dowdeswell.

Line up:

Clarinet & Leader: Pete Long
Alto Saxophone: Colin Skinner, Simon Marsh
Tenor Saxophone: Alex Garnett, Dean Masser
Baritone Saxophone: Paul Nathaniel
Trumpet: Ryan Quigley, Nathan Bray, Rico Tomasso, Louis Dowdeswell
Trombone: Ian Bateman, Andy Flaxman, Dave Williamson
Piano: Colin Good
Bass: Calum Gowlay
Drums: Richard Pite
Guitar: Martin Wheatley
Vocals: Georgina Jackson

Set list;

1. VIP BOOGIE (1:50) – Paul Nathaniel (Baritone Saxophone), Peter Long (Clarinet)
2. JAM WITH SAM (6:10) – Nathan Bray (Trumpet), Alex Garnett (Tenor Saxophone), Andy Flaxman, (Trombone), Simon Marsh (Alto Saxophone), Dean Masser (Tenor Saxophone), Ian Bateman, (Trombone), Enrico Tomasso (Trumpet), Louis Dowdeswell (Trumpet)
3. SODA FOUNTAIN RAG (11:11) – Colin Good (Piano)
4. COTTON CLUB STOMP (15:02) – Louis Dowdeswell (Trumpet), Paul Nathiniel (Baritone Saxophone), Ryan Quigley, Nathan Bray (Trumpets), Colin Good (Piano), Peter Long (Clarinet)
5. THE MOOCHE (21:42) – Enrico Tomasso (Trumpet), Peter Long (Clarinet), Ian Bateman (Trombone)
6. JUST SQUEEZE ME (26:16) – Enrico Tomasso (Trumpet), Georgina Jackson Vocals), Dean Masser (Tenor Saxophone)
7. I AIN’T GOT NOTHIN’ BUT THE BLUES (32:06) – Paul Nathaniel (Baritone Saxophone), Colin Skinner (Alto Saxophone), Georgina Jackson (Vocals)
8. MOOD INDIGO (36:56) – Nathan Bray (Trumpet)
9. EL GATO (42:35) – Ryan Quigley, Nathan Bray, Louis Dowdeswell, Enrico Tomasso (Trumpets)
10. ISFAHAN (47:53) – Colin Skinner (Alto Saxophone)
11. IT DON’T MEAN A THING (IF IT AIN’T GOT THAT SWING) (53:09) – Enrico Tomasso (Vocals), Ian Bateman (Trombone), Ryan Quigley (Trumpet), Dean Masser (Tenor Saxophone)
12. THE TATTOOED BRIDE (1:03:39) – Colin Good (Piano), Louis Dowdeswell (Trumpet), Peter Long (Clarinet), Dave Williamson (Trombone)
13. FRANKIE & JOHNNY (1:15:41) – Colin Good (Piano), Calum Gourlay (Bass), Ian Bateman (Trombone) Peter Long (Clarinet)
14. TAKE THE “A” TRAIN (1:25:10) – Colin Good (Piano), Georgina Jackson (Vocals), Alex Garnett (Tenor Saxophone)
15. I DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT YOU (1:35:29)– Colin Skinner (Alto Saxophone), Georgina Jackson (Vocals)
16. CONGA BRAVA (1:41:33)– Dave Williamson (Valve Trombone), Peter Long (Clarinet), Alex Garnett (Tenor Saxophone)
17. COTTON TAIL (1:45:47) – Ryan Quigley (Trumpet), Dean Masser (Tenor Saxophone), Paul Nathaniel (Baritone Saxophone), Colin Good (Piano)
18. I GOT IT BAD (AND THAT AIN’T GOOD) (1:50:15) – Enrico Tomasso (Trumpet), Georgina Jackson (Vocals)
19. YOU OUGHTA (1:59:19) – Andy Flaxman (Trombone), Peter Long (Clarinet), Louis Dowdeswell (Trumpet)
20. SATIN DOLL (2:05:10) – Rico Tomasso (Trumpet), Dave Willamson (Trombone), Louis Dowdeswell (Trumpet)

This event was sponsored by: D'Addario, Wedge, Yanagisawa, Yamaha with special thanks to Queen's College, Taunton.
Filming & editing by Dave Adams -

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