Monday, 28 March 2016

Friends, I wanna tell ya...

Here is a real rarity I have never seen before, uploaded very recently to Youtube: Duke Ellington's appearance on the television programme Atlantic Showboat, hosted by Hughie Green of Opportunity Knocks! fame.

The filming took place on board The Empress of Britain sailing from Liverpool to Montreal via Greenock. Ellington is accompanied by the Malcolm Mitchell Trio. George Formby (heh! heh! Never touched me!)was also apparently featured in the programme. Duke Ellington accompanied by George Formby... the mind boggles.

I think I'm right in saying that Malcolm Mitchell accompanied Ellington on his trip to Britain ten years earlier in 1948 when Musicians' Union rules meant that Ellington could work only with Ray Nance from the States. This particular performance of Take The 'A' Train, from 1959 is available on the CD The British Connexion.

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