Wednesday, 24 August 2016

The Expert Answers...

Duke Ellington - The Experts Answer - Rare 16MM TV Show - Ellington's Own Print!
Closed circuit college 30 minute black & white interview show called "The Experts Answer" , with Mr. Ellington being interviewed by  students from Columbia University, the subject of course, is jazz music.
This print was requested & owned by Ellington himself, photos are of the actual letter sent with the print.
I won several prints from the Duke Ellington auction at the Museum of Jazz. Please see my other auctions for the other films.
This is episode #2 of  "Experts Answer".
Probably originally filmed on video tape, & this 16mm print was made at Mr. Ellington's request. This may be the only print of this in existence.
Print is in excellent condition, with a very light line. Letter has a few light stains and creases. 
B&W, 1200 feet, sound - In original can with letter & shipping receipt. 
Opportunity to own a one of a kind item, once owned by this Jazz legend.
All photos are from the actual print being offered.


  1. Hi Ian, is there any chance that you post this
    on YouTube or something? Nice site, by the way!

  2. I wish I could. I did bid - but unsuccessfully. The reel sold for £250. I've no idea who owns it now. I try to post these 'treasures' on the blog - and it's a bit of a mystery who has bought them. The Smithsonian, I hope, so that the public may see this some day. Thanks for the comment.