Monday, 2 April 2018

Cornell Classics

The above signed programme was auctioned recently on-line. It's interesting in giving us an insight into the selections Ellington made for the concert that evening.

Ellington played Cornell several times. See this post, for example for their 1947 engagement. Some of this recording appeared on a bootleg LP on the Stardust label, discographical details here (and mis-labelled on the cover as 30th April).

A much more celebrated and more easily available Cornell performance (a superb performance which allows the listener to hear the Orchestra during one of the frequent forties recording bans)was released on Music Masters some years ago...

Now, seventy-one years later from Ellington's original performance, at the same venue, Bailey Hall, on Ellington's birthday this year, Cornell Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Chris Younghoon Kim, will be performing Ellington's Harlem. Details here.

In 2017 (the seventieth anniversary of Ellington's first Cornell engagement), Chris Younghoon Kim conducted the rarely-performed Three Black Kings. You can enjoy the video here...

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