Monday, 10 July 2017

More Sinned Against?

From a recent Ebay auction...

IT AIN'T NO SIN - Very Rare Original Paramount Pictures pressbook for Mae West's 1934 film.
This was the Pre-release title for Belle Of The Nineties starring Mae West
- with Roger Pryor, Duke Ellington's Orchestra, etc. -
Censors forced change of title, after some publicity material had been produced.
Entire pressbook had to be changed throughout, with title changed in every item.
Some changes and differences in materials / posters between this original printing and the later printing under the new title of Belle Of The Nineties.
Total of 38 pages, including both sides of covers.
22 numbered pages . . .
12 pages of Advertising . . .
4 pages, both sides of covers include posters, display cards, lobby cards, etc.
Sections on Exploitation, Publicity, Songs and Music, Advertising, etc.
No clips or missing pieces. Pressbook is complete as originally printed.
Very good condition. Front cover silver printing slightly smudged / dirty from storage.